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:: Visit my wood page to learn about all the woods used to create my 1911 custom grips.

:: Learn how I make my grips by checking out the process section.

:: Current Grips in the pipeline: Desert Ironwood, Amboyna, Buckeye Burl

:: Inbound Wood: Blue Buckeye, Myrtlewood, expected 11/18/05 from stabilization

:: Now making full size, Officers, & Bobtail full size (I am no longer making thin grips!!)

:: New grips for sale (11/04/05): Olive Burl, Redwood Burl

:: Page last updated on 06/18/05

:: Due to a new job opportunity I will not be taking any custom orders at this time - expect Fall/Winter 2006 to resume custom orders on a limited basis. Please also expect email response delays as well!

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